Our Cellar and our quality wines like asti moscato  sale in Piedmont is based on the three main points that made Cascina Fonda what it presently is:

  • Tradition. The lands of Piedmont are worldwide renowned for the high quality of their products. Our land is our history and our culture. Our work respects and honours the traditions.
  • Passion. A “sweet passion”, especially for the Moscato we produce whose taste the Barbero Brothers have always given value. The passion for our land and for our grapevines is the key to our work.
  • Experience. Since1963, when our company was founded, until now, our skills in wine production have allowed us to gain a prominent position in the sector. Our experience fully reveals in the wine we produce and in its unique taste.

Piedmont wines are worldwide renowned products. Our land and its “gifts” have become a Unesco World Heritage. Italy is the country with the highest number of protected sites. The italian brand is an icon for absolute excellence.

Our wine sale in Piedmont enables people who are looking for wines from this great and precious region, to taste unique products all over the world. Cascina Fonda suggests its “sweet passion”, mainly focusing on Moscato, a wine that has its origins on the hills between Mango and Neive.



Our Piedmont wines

A great selection of Piedmont wines as a result of history, tradition, constant work together with the passion for our land. Showing our products, fruits of a top quality cellar like spumante sparkling wine, is a great source of pride like 

DOCG Asti Moscato

The “Bel Piano” DOCG Asti Moscato is one of our cellar flagship products. It is the most famous and appreciated Moscato in our country and one of the typical products of Piedmont wine industry. Cascina Fonda offers its Asti Moscato both in the screw top and cork versions. The screw top assures the hermetic closing and keeps the Asti Moscato fragrances, freshness and scents: the best choice when preservation of wine quality and taste are required.

For further information about Moscato, please see the product page.

Please have a look at the”Bel Piano” DOCG Asti Moscato tasting footage




Sparkling Spumante Brut Nature

The Spumante Brut Nature sparkling white wine is another top quality product of Cascina Fonda, new born in 2019. A sparkling white wine that holds a new and young taste, but elegant and sophisticated at the same time. The Piedmont Spumante Brut Nature is perfect for fanciful cocktails, happy hours and toasts.

For further information about the Spumante Brut Nature, see the product page.

Piedmont quality wine

These are only two of the many wines you may find on our  product pages which contain all the information and technical data sheet for each product and offer an easy access to all information you may need. Our wine trade in Piedmont is the result of the passion for our work and for our grapevines, together with the love and the pleasure of producing a good wine and highlighting the many hues of our Piedmont land.

Should you be interested in selling Cascina Fonda’s Piedmont wine, do not hesitate to contact us:

Via Spessa, 27 – 12052 Neive (CN)
Tel: 0173 677877

E-Mail: fonda@cascinafonda.com

Cascina Fonda. Quality and Tradition first, since 1963.




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