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Cascina Fonda – About Us

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Vocation, challenge and passion: these are three essential aspects for Cascina Fonda. Vocation for the territory and the wine-growing since 1963, year in which Secondino Barbero founded the company exploiting his experience in the oenological field.

The challenge was won thanks to his sons Massimo and Marco, who have bottled their wine since 1988;they initially focused on Moscato d’Asti and since 1991 they have processed all of their grape varieties.

Finally, the passion is for the sweet taste of Moscato, which is produced by the Barbero brothers in the sweet and dry versions Moscato d’Asti and Asti Spumante (since 1991).

This “sweet passion” encouraged Cascina Fonda to focus especially on Moscato, a wine produced on the hills between Mango and Neive, symbol of a land that gives unique fruits.

The Barbero Brothers also produce other wines: Dolcetto, Barbaresco and Brachetto. Their products are marketed in Italy, in the United States, in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and France.

From 1995 to 2000 the new cellar was developed according logistic and modern principles, to support the processing of Moscato, a young and fresh wine.
Massimo and Marco Barbero continue to work to maintain the quality that characterized all the wines produced by Cascina Fonda.

Traditional and essential treatments, as well the constancy and consistency of the works, enable to obtain grapes which convey the fragrance and the features of a unique land.


The south-eastern position allows to obtain ripe and sound grapes, thanks to be better sun exposure.


The property of Cascina Fonda stretches over twelve hectares in the communes of Mango and Neive.


The south-eastern position allows to obtain ripe and sound grapes, thanks to be better sun exposure.

``Sweet Emotion`` to Taste

Moscato d'Asti



Cascina Fonda invites you to taste the Moscato d’Asti starting from the particular label of the bottles. A simple message to explain the essence of this wine: Moscato d’Asti is a quality wine, and every flute is best appreciated on an embroidered doily, like the best high quality pastries.

A metaphor to explain the “sweet passion” which combines quality food and wine in the Langhe. Moscato d’Asti is perfect with the sweet products of excellence: that’s it.


Screw cap, an ideal solution for Moscato d’Asti. A new way that winemakers are using to its advantages. Even Cascina Fonda believes in this innovation, not because it is a novelty, but because the benefits are interesting.

Use this solution allows to obtain an airtight seal with excellent maintenance of the bouquet,the freshness and the aroma of Moscato d’Asti. The external oxygen does not enter the closed bottle that, once opened, can be closed easily and without problems of “contamination” of micro bacteria in the cork.

The king of wines for the Barbero brothers is Moscato, which is made in six different proposals, showing their professional skills and know-how and aiming to offer their customers their endless “sweet passion”. This philosophy is mirrored by the round labels which recallsthe confectioner’s decorations: sweet wines go well with sweet food.

The Novelty of 2019

Spumante Brut Nature


Brut Nature sparkling wine was born in 2019.
A new, young, elegant and refined taste, ideal for delicious aperitifs and toasts …

COLOUR: Pale straw yellow with light greenish reflections and a merry, fine and persistent mousse.
BOUQUET: Floral, fine and elegant, with notes of fresh fruit.
TASTE: Spicy, mineral, complex and balanced with a note of gentle and harmonious acidity. Ideal for aperitif and dishes based on fish, seafood, meats and cheeses.