Quality Piedmontese wines

Piedmont is known to be a wine country par excellence! A wide selection of top quality products, thanks to the thousands and thousands of hectares of vineyard that spread throughout the region. Behind all this there is great work, passion and determination. Essential elements to enhance wine production in Piedmont and maintain it at high levels.

It is with so much hard work and sacrifice, as well as with great passion, that Cascina Fonda takes care of the sale of wine in Piedmont. In particular you will find a wide selection of sweet sparkling and dry sparkling but also there are the red wines. Like our Moscato D’asti “Bel Piano” which is one of the most loved wines of our production. Especially because it was born with the company in 1988, and is also known as Moscato Naturale d’Asti for its freshness. Perfect then for desserts, fruit salads, ice cream and moments of sweet relaxation.

Quality and tradition are fundamental elements for Cascina Fonda. A company that today has become a reference in the sector thanks to the brothers Massimo and Marco Barbero, focusing particularly on Muscat. A wine born in the hills between Mango and Neive, symbol of a land that knows how to give a unique product. Considering the particular characteristics of the Piedmontese territory, rich and fertile. In other words: the land of wines.

piedmont wine production

Vineyards and wine varieties

The land and the vineyards are absolute protagonists of a wine production in quality Piedmont. We can recognize in this region four large areas in which wine is produced: the Langhe, the Asti area, the Monferrato and the northern denominations. Among the best wines in Italy, also recognized abroad, born in areas that have become UNESCO World Heritage sites. This recognition is a symbol of the quality of Piedmontese wines . A wide choice ranging from the vines of Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Moscato. Many DOC and DOCG wines are found between the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

Among reds, whites and sparkling wines, the choice is wide:

    • Red Wines. Among the most famous there are Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Grignolino, Nebbiolo and Dolcetto
    • White Wines. We can certainly mention the Favorita, the Cortese and the Arneis
    • Sparkling wine. Among these we find the Moscato and the Brachetto

These are just a few examples of the vast production of wine in Piedmont. A wine making excellence made possible thanks to the constant work of the numerous wineries in the area. And this therefore translates into a rich selection of quality wines, a heritage and an Italian pride.

 Piedmontese vines

Our Piedmontese wine production

Cascina Fonda is a company founded in 1988 that deals with the production of Piedmontese wines. Today he works with passion and determination, focusing above all on Moscato. Not only that, of course. In fact you will find many varieties of sparkling (sweet and dry), and red wines.

In our selection of wines, you can admire a variety of Piedmontese sparkling wines that will delight you with their unique taste. In fact, Cascina Fonda produces quality Italian wines, following the passion, history and tradition of our land. Furthermore, the wide choice in our wine production allows us to supply the customer with products of various types and for every taste:

  • Sweet Sparkling. You will find Moscato D’Asti DOCG “Bel Piano”, Asti Spumante DOCG “Bel Piasì”, Asti Spumante Metodo Classico DOCG “Driver ‘”, Moscato Spumante VSQ “Tarsivo”, Moscato Spumante “Chiara Blanc”, the Piedmont Brachetto Spumante DOC “Bel Roseto”, lo Spumante Dolce “Giò Rosè”
  • Dry Sparkling . You will find the Spumante Brut Nature, the Asti Secco DOCG “Umberto”, the Asti Extra Secco DOCG “Umberto”,
  • Red Wines. Among these are the Barbaresco DOCG “Bertola” and the Dolcetto D’Alba DOC “Brusalino”


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